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RTX Obscurity Tour of Duty Over (July 1st)

For the last couple of years the RTX Obscurity server has kept the UK obscurity community alive. Whilst other servers have come and gone, Chucky has singlehandedly funded the RTX Obscurity server (and other servers too) so that his clan, friends, and UK gamers had a place to game and have fun. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, and Chucky can longer fund the running of the servers. They will be shut down as of July 1st.

So if any of you avid Obscurity regulars in the UK wish to see this server continue on for just a little bit longer, I suggest you to go and donate as soon as possible. You may be able to squeeze another month out of Chucky yet!

Either way, the Obscurity community as a whole thanks you for the support over the years RTX Chucky. GLHF!

12 Responses to RTX Obscurity Tour of Duty Over (July 1st)

  1. Devax says:

    Well with the help of the community, we managed, to make it run again 🙂

    • Kenai says:

      Aye,That they did. But it kinda sucks for me now since my Computer finally went up after 4 Years,So I don’t know when I’ll play on RTX again. (Probably will suck when I do though,Lol. So Take over for me,Okay DeVaX? xD)

  2. Devax says:

    Whatever u want Kenai ;D

  3. Snakelet says:

    You can build a super pc for BF3 now though…it dying was a sign that it wants some BF3 love 😛

  4. Kenai says:

    Lol,Oh don’t worry. I’m going to buy me a Gaming Rig around $2200 With SLI GeForce GTX 560 Ti’s =D

  5. Devax says:

    are u serious kenai O.o ?
    Not sure if troll

  6. Kenai says:

    I’m very sure,Lol. I’m going to have them both overclocked same with the CPU,Around 3.9GHz. Should run everything in the near future on max settings,2 GTX 560 Ti’s do the same thing as a GTX 580 xP. So BF3 Bring it ooon!!

  7. Devax says:

    what..the…f—? You must be really succesful in your job or you are just lucky to have rich parents 😀

  8. Kenai says:

    Lol,Parents aren’t Rich,If they were I’d be spoiled and would have a $3000 PC instead of my Old 4 year $1200 one (Bundle with monitor etc etc)

    Also Posted something on the RTX website about making a highlight Video and giving up some of my Secrets when I get my new Gaming Rig xP

  9. Devax says:

    Im really interested in your so called “secrets”
    After some training the last week i developed some decent sniper skills…

  10. Kenai says:

    Well,I’ll even show you how I spot them,Like I’ll Circle them and you’ll have to have it in 720p or 1020p to actually see them. But yeah,I can add other stuff. But I don’t know if I’ll explain it that good,That’s why you’d have to watch the video xP

  11. Devax says:

    Im really interested in it.. srsly. I got no real secrets :/ I just look for obs and fckin shot it until it stops to exist.