Snakelet: Playtest #6 is live as of 22/04! Visit steam store page for full details and sign up
Snakelet: Playtest #2 begins start Friday noon AEDT. See Obscurity: Unknown Threat on Steam for more info!.
Snakelet: See the news post for full info!
Snakelet: Cheers :) Definitely looking forward to playing with everyone now that ObsUT is out in the wild
warick70: Heya Snakelet, just wanted to say congrats on the steam listing. Exited to get back into Obscurity!
Snakelet: Stay tuned for upcoming Obscurity info! Search 'obscurity' in Steam if you are impatient (Feb 2022)
Snakelet: Added Asskickerz Obs server for AU players to get their Obs on ;)
Snakelet: Use the free spectate cam and concentrate on your surroundings ;)
Singed420: it's been 30 mins specting and still nothing, may i have another hint? xD
Snakelet: I'll just say that you will have to be really observant whilst you are spectating & can be done solo
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