Obscurity Mod

Important: Chinatown Map Is No Longer Supported

The recent update that was released onto OC1 removed support for the map mp_carentan (Chinatown). This is in preparation for a future update and as such should be removed from your config map cycles. Please be aware that if you grab the updated files and leave the map in your cycle, the server will crash.

3 Responses to Important: Chinatown Map Is No Longer Supported

  1. Devax says:

    WHY!? Chinatown was an awesome map to play on :C

  2. Ninja says:

    The weaponlimit as Snakelet told in floodbox. It seems like I’m not the only one who loved Chinatown.
    Btw. how can a map have weapons ? I also don’t really know what xmodels are, they this .iwi files ?

  3. Snakelet says:

    I believe it was the FX limit that killed Chinatown. Sorry guys.