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OBS Dev 

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10:04 AM 10/06/2011

It's been in the works for a long time now, an official release was long overdue:

• Obscurity winning Elimination stay as Obscurity (when scr_obsstayobs is 1 )
• Brightened night lighting
• Blackened sky during night
• Added new dynamic weather system
• Mod banned player's guid now shown on kick
• Added buttons for all custom key binds
• Changed night vision to use a custom key bind
• All survivors now have night vision
• Removed coloured smoke (to free effects)
• Smoke blurs vision
• Added Enhanced Night Vision perk
• Buffed hunter perk
• Improvements to Battle Hardened
• Increased laser range and improved effects
• Introduced Obscurity stances (Obscurity: Stances Guide)
• Added obscurity stealth pistol
• Added spider web firing mode
• Improved indirect firing modes
• Optimised and improved phasing logic
• Added admin panel
• Improved player scoring depending on kill
• Changed weapon camouflages
• Implemented propagating fire
• Added Fireproof perk
• Re-scriped and designed blood/gore effects
• Updated loading screen hints
• Added taunt skills (Obscurity: Taunt Skills Guide)
• Added missing sections to help file
• Added squad leaderboard and high score rewards
• Changed obscurity vision
• Added tracking pistol for obscurity
• Added propagating tracking infection
• Fixed the description for battle hardened to "Higher pain threshold and reduced blinding effects."
• Fixed the description for special x 3 to "3 special grenades". It was "3 special grenades. No smoke"
• Introduced point loss for tagging.
• Various improvements and changes to marine perks
• Incendiary Grenade perk name changed to Incendiary and now has additional functions/features.
• TGB-7V Thermobaric Round on the RPG when using Incendiary perk.
• RPG's can now be fired from the hip, but very innacurately.
• 10% chance that any damage you deal will light a limb on fire when using Incendiary.
• Small image/sound/fx tweaks.
• Added higher quality/no hiss storm sounds
• Changed Squad Scoreboard to Squad/Player Scoreboard
• Updated squad competitive notifications
• Replaced Stun Grenades with Anti-Fire Grenades
• Reduced RPG capacity to 2
• Reduced Laser capacity to 4
• Fixed Laser marking bug
• Reduced Laser beam max range to 15m
• If you suicide, you will lose perk 1 for the following round
• Remade blood splatter logic and graphics
• Removed possession hop animation bug
• Removed friendly radar icons
• Added new presets
• Preset names now list main weapon in brackets
• Rewrote Obscurity selection logic
• Made notifications buffer
• Added heal icons for wounded squadmates
• Obscurity players falling outside of the map will be returned to the nearest spawn point, reducing phase deaths and stabbing from below maps. 
• Falling out of the map counts as a suicide.
• Silenced Dead Silence and Ghost 
• VIP gametype is no longer supported. All gametypes other than Elimination may be functional, but Elimination is our focus, so the other gametypes may have some minor bugs.




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