Obscurity Mod

Obscurity: Scuba’s Guide To Obscurity

The Game

In obscurity there are two teams the Obscurity and the Survivors  (Otherwise known as marines). Each team spawns at opposite ends of a map and usually play an elimination round which lasts until every player but one has died. There are five gametypes specifically created for the Obscurity mod.

The New Stuff 

There is a new tree of perks in Obscurity called Perk 4. These perks are:


This perk allows every shot that you hit an obscurity with to bleed for a period of time. The faster an Obscurity moves while bleeding the longer they will bleed for. Enables players to spot an obscurity easier or to follow his blood trail.


This is one of the most commonly used perks. The Medic perk gives you a needle that you can select by pressing 6. When a player is gutted, crippled or bleeding from their neck you can run up to them, get out your needle and click the fire button or melee button to save their lives. This perk can also save your own life but in doing so you will lose the perk. To save yourself while you are dying from any of the already mentioned methods hold the “use key” and you will quickly revive yourself.


This perk gives the ability to hear a beeping noise when an obscurity passes through the beam. Lasers are very sensitive devices and are easily broken so do NOT plant c4 behind them, this is the easiest way to waste your lasers. Lasers are found by hitting the 6 button and when thrown at a wall ceiling or floor will stick and produce a beam of red light towards the next object in its path. If there is no object in a long range the laser base will dissapear and you will get another try at throwing it. An obscurity that passes through a laser will also be temporarily marked on the point of impact.

Battle Hardened

This is another very useful perk getting rid of the blood that may hit your eyes when a teammates head explodes. Battle hardened is a passive perk that will remove the screen covering blood which acts as a flash bang depending on how much is on your screen. This perk also stops players from becomming crippled, and reduces the time you are blinded by flashbangs.

Incendiary Grenade

A useful tool for spotting the Obscurity. The Incinery Grenade will explode emitting a large ball of fire, setting fire to every player who is near it. Although almost no damage is dealt, the fire visibly burns all players and makes them scream. Incindiary Grenades take over your normal frag grenades and can be used by hitting the main “grenade button.” A flaming obscurity is an easy target.


A great perk to have when in a squad. The hustle perks allows you and the people around you to run faster.

Explosives Expert

This perk replaces your main weapon with the ability to hold twice as many explosives based on the perk you selected for Perk 1.


This gives players a greater perception to temperature drops. Players will shiver uncontrollably when an obscurity is near them, giving them a heads up on their impending doom.

Other New Non-Perk 4 Perks

 There are also a few new perks mixed within the other pek categories.

Scent Mask

This perk helps mask a players scent, making them more difficult for a bloodlusted obscurity to track them.


Players with this perk equipped can jump a lot higher, and can survive a large drop without dying. They will however get crippled if the drop was too far.


Night vision goggles are now classed as a perk, meaning to see in the dark you should probably equip them.

Bulletproof Vest

Players carrying a vest can sustain a great amount of damage from small arms fire to the back and chest. Great for protection from a possessed teammate.

The Obscurity

The Obscurity have the upper hand in this game and without being cunning and fast the marines will fail.

Obscurity are invisible, but do shimmer if you look closely. Their gun does not inflict damage to people. It merely hinders them and helps cause distractions. There are however two modes that can help you finish a player off if he is wounded.


A great mode of travel for the Obscurity is jumping great distances, this can be achieved by pressing the “use button”. The Obscurity can also stick to walls when jumping by hitting the “use button”. This is a life saving tactic that every Obscurity should learn to use.


Possession of a marine is relatively simple. By pressing the “6 button” a pair of hands will replace your gun, these are your possessing hands. To possess a player you must be very close to them (a metre or so). Right click and your hands will move forward you are now ready in the possession position. Possession through walls is the most common form of possession, but can be hard when you are unsure of the thickness of wall or the precise location of the enemy.


Press “6” to whip out your possession hands. Once equipped with this you will be able to phase through players and walls by left clicking. Phasing allows you to travel through solid objects, which help you get the drop on enemies by creating new ways to enter rooms.

Push Grenades

The grenades that an obscurity possess has many different uses. It’s only function is to detonate with a pushing effect that can push a marine around the map. It’s uses involve disorienting a marine so that the Obscurity can get an upper hand on the lead sandwich coming its way. The grenade can also detonate explosive devices such as Claymores and C4. Making entering a room undetected or faking an entry much simpler. It can also be used to push marines off buildings making for a very humiliating kill.


When ever the obscurity kills a marine you will notice that red blurs appear all around the map. This is the bloodlust effect and shows the position of every marine on the map. This effect is also used in the last minute of a match. On the minute of the last minute the Obscurity will growl this will reveal the location of all remaining marines.

The Obscurity Firing Modes

By holding 4 a little menu will popup on the bottom right hand corner of your screen and moving your mouse left or right you can choose a different firing mode from that menu.


Tornado works about as well as the real thing. When selected and shot at the ground objects will fly up into the air around where the shot was fired and fly around for sometime. This mode is use to simulate an Obscurity moving from that direction. It usually fools opponents for 3 seconds and then is really just for fun.


The Static mode makes the sound an Obscurity would usually make when moving around where the shot was fired. This mode is commonly used to fool players into thinking the Obscurity it coming from another direction. It is also used to mask the sound of the surrounding Obscurities.


The Stun is a very useful tool for the Obscurity as it makes the targets screen swirl around or a few moments when hit directly, just enough to get the edge on an opponent to go in for the knife. If you shoot a surface with this firemode, you will get a controllable orb that you can then crash into a marine for a stun. Switch to phase hands to lock the orb in place.


As the name states this mode acts as a temporary hallucinogenic simulating an Obscurity near you. This is commonly used to make a marine leave a room which may be hard to access. Shoot a surface near them to make them to scare a bunch of guys, or directly hit a marine to only affect him.


Tracking makes hunting down a single marine easier than ever before. By shooting a marine while your gun is in tracking mode they will glow green through everything for a long time. This is usually used for a quick possess or for tracking the last marine in the match.


Pretty easy to get the concept of, whoever is shot while you gun is in this mode will be pulled back towards whichever Obscurity fired it. This is great for pulling marines off of buildings and pulling them back as they run away to make it easier to knife them. Shoot a surface to pull all marines in range to the point of impact.


This mode allows the Obscurity to switch places with the target hit if it was a direct hit. This makes it extremely easy to infiltrate a camped building and kill all who lurk inside. If you shoot a surface however, a controllable orb is created, which teleports everyone that touches it to the same new location. Obscurity players can use this themselves to chase a marine through it. Be careful though as explosives can also be thrown through it.


Gore shot makes wounded players explode into a bloody mess, and provides 15 seconds of bloodlust. Great for blinding a medic trying to save a wounded soldier. If you shoot a non wounded soldier, they will explode the instant you wound them.


You can light marines on fire temporarily wherever this shot hits.  If you hit a wounded marine, he will explode into a fireball, lighting anybody near him on fire.


The vision shot let you view and taunt from the point of impact. Your body will remain at the point you fired from, and if damaged, you will be sent back into your body.

Light Orb

The light orb is a controllable glowing orb that is used to distract enemies and really annoy snipers. You can lock it in place by switching to the possession hands.

The Camper

Campers will go and hide in a hard to access building or alley. Some of the most important perks to have as a camper are:

Perk 1:

   Frag x3

Perk 2:
   Stopping Power
   Double Tap

Perk 3:
   Steady Aim
   Deep Impact

Perk 4:

   Incendiary Grenades

Campers also need a good kit and as a camper you are going to need to either hold your fire or pack alot of ammo. So for campers Sub-Machine Guns, Shotguns and Occasionally Snipers are your best friends. Light Machine Guns are definitely a noobs weapon and will give you teams kills if you want respect do NOT use this class of weapon. Camping with other players has both pros and cons.

The Pros

– As a group you have a higher amount of bullets and damage that can be used at the same time.

– As a group you have more perks to share such as: Lasers and C4 (For detection)

The Cons

– Players from your group can be teleported out of a room letting in an Obscurity (this usually leads to everybody in the room dying)

– Players from your group can be possessed (this usually leads to everybody in the room dying)

– Players from your group can flash your entire team

– Players from your group can teamkill you

Be Cautious

When camping stay away from walls that are accessible from another side. Try to get other players off walls as they pose a massive threat to your health, if they wont budge it would be best to move to another location. If there are people behind you in your camping position make sure that they cant be seen from outside as the Obscurity is sure to teleport them out letting themselves in, killing you and your teammates.

The Hunter 

Being a hunter is extremely difficult and can easily end in you dieing in a very humiliating way. A hunter will use any of the given perks at hand. Using a stealth class such as a silenced weapon with dead silence can be a very great tool against the Obscurity. Alternatively you can play a loud class which can get very creative. A very harsh one involves claymores and cars, these are not healthy mix for any Obscurity.

Corners are your best friends, any thing can be waiting for an Obscurity around a corner be it you a squad member or a sexy claymore. Use corners to your advantage as they can act as a very easy knife kill for you.

Doorways are another great place to seek momentary refuge from the Obscurity hunting you down. A door is extremely narrow and gives you a great advantage if an Obscurity wants to follow you through. Doors will usually make an Obscurity think twice about how he enters a room and will buy you some extra time to find a quick escape root and get back to hunting.

The Squads

Squads allow a group of players to stick together by allocating each member an image above their head that can be seen through walls. The squad menu can be accessed by pressing escape and selecting squads. There are 8 squads, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and so on until hotel. Each squad has a unique colour. Squad icons appear next to your name on the scoreboard to show other players which squad you are in. The colour a squad had been given allocates what colour your smoke grenade will produce. Squads can be locked, and squad members can be kicked by the squad leader.

The Weather

The weather and time of day changes dynamically as the rounds progress, like in real life, so make sure to change up your kits to match the current time and weather. NVG are pointless during the day, but invaluable at nighttime.

Special thanks goes to Scuba for writing up this guide. (Edited by us to be brought up-to-date with current versions of the mod)