Obscurity Mod

HitLoc: Party Mode

HitLoc Party Mode is a gametype designed for all those who need some humour, or a break from the serious side of the mod.

Teams must work together to capture the shiny ‘Capture Point’, which when successful will provide a timed mini-game. Players who fulfil the objective of the mini-game will score points for the team.

When your team successfully captures a point, the mini-game objective and it’s description will appear at the top of the screen. This will also appear everytime you respawn, until the time limit is reached.

If the enemy team captures the point, you will hear a sound which notifies your team that the enemy has now obtained an objective and will be attempting to fulfill it and score. However, you will not be aware of the enemy teams’ objective until you see them acting stupid or fulfilling their goals such as jumping of buildings.

Below is a list of the mini-games currently available:

Cannonball: Charge into enemies at high speed to kill them for points.

I Can Fly!: Gain points in proportion to the amount of fall damage you take.

Flasher: Blind enemies with recharging flashbangs to score points.

Pincushion: Gain points for every throwing knife you embed into an enemy.

Treasure Hunt: Locate the shiny treasure for points.

Trash Talker: Taunt enemies to score points.

Blow Me: Kill enemies with recharging frags to score.

Pew Pew QQ:
Kill enemies with your spam cannon to score.

Rocketman: Everyone can leap high. Use RPG’s to take down your foes.

Would You Like Some Tea?: Teabag crippled enemies. Each dip gets you points.

Assisted Suicide: Get the enemy to take you out for points.

Slasher: Slash enemies with your knife to score points.

Survival Expert: Score points for every 15 seconds you survive.

Pimp Slap: Slap enemies with your golden uzi to score points.

Smokin’ With Weed: Headshot enemies with your surpressed M21 to score.