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Posts: 10
02:39 PM 16/04/2011

First of all I would like to say awesome job on the mod I cant stop exploring it and finding new ways to mess with poeple :D

But of course there is always a problem... the incendiary rpg's are overpowered I mean seriously take it from someone who played the mod for about 2 years.

it's annoying because every player can just take the rpg and shoot when he hears something. no strategy at all its just p---ing me and a lot of people off, atleast at the server I'm playing on (IceOps by the way) the

admins at my server (Slifire,Metal) talked to me about it(they say they preffer hackers over rpgs :D) and also told me that they posted something about that but I couldnt find it so here I am posting :D

I would love to get some backup on this so if you read it and agree with me please reply WE NEED TO STOP THE RPG MADNESS!!!

I Love Your Mod.

Thank You for Reading.





Posts: 2
02:49 PM 16/04/2011

first of all I love obscurity mod it is great

I belive that the people who use  the RPG's suck its so low and lame

if the RPG's were taken out it would be great




P.S i would like the lasers to mark troops again

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
03:50 PM 16/04/2011

Get the server admin to disable RPG's if they are not liked on your server. An incendiary RPG does way less damage than a normal RPG (it is virtually just a way to light somone on fire) so I do not see the problem, just go hide and put out the flame. It is better than being insta-fragged from a direct rocket or headshot from a sniper. You actually have a chance to survive. Anti-Fire Grenades have replaced stuns to help put out/assist burning teammates. You only have 2 RPG's now.

They are only annoying whilst the updates are getting tested by everyone. Once they have had their fun they will go back to other classes and it won't be every second person with an RPG anymore. Again though, server admins can lock out overpowered perks and weapons, so rather than asking us to mod things out, ask them to restrict perks to cater to the needs of your community.

Finally, if lasers are no longer marking enemies you guys need to update your server files as you are 3 releases behind now and all of the stuff above will not be accessible until you update. There has been a fair bit of balancing towards the fire and incendiary weaponry over the past week. Such as further tweaks to the damage from flames and easier to put out.




Posts: 10
03:58 PM 16/04/2011

Yes I'm currently speaking to the admin of my server but an rpg with sonic boom and incendiary can kill you even if your not near it. it happens constatly.

plus the explosive master perk grants you a few more RPG's I'm not saying that I cant handle it it's jsut takes a lot more time and unexpirienced players would just rage quit and you probably wont see them soon or ever and thats a big loss.

believe me,once someone found out about the rpg's he never let them go people are getting p---ed first its cursing and then its tking,but your not always get the right person so people are tking each other there is more hostility in the server and people hate each other and tk who ever they see ALL because of the rpg's.

I repeat the rpg can kill in 1 hit its overpowered.

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
04:01 PM 16/04/2011

There was a bug with the RPG + Sonic Boom. Obviously, your server has a release from when the changes were first implemented. If you grab the server files now, all the bugs should be fixed. INC RPG + Sonic Boom will not do 700 damage anymore. Laser will mark. Anti-Fire Grenades are in. RPG x 2 only etc. Balancing has been occuring.

Since your server version we have added/fixed:

-Fixed ghost stance bug
-Added Incendiary bullets, RPG's and C4
-Reduced burning damage
-Reduced RPG capacity to 2
-Reduced Laser capacity to 4
-Fixed Laser marking bug
-Reduced Laser beam max range to 15m
-Fixed Incendiary RPG & Sonic Boom bug
-Fixed C4 detonation bug
-If you suicide, you will lose perk 1 for the following round

-Made obs stance/tank glow less obtrusive/distracting
-Added higher quality/no hiss storm sounds
-Changed Squad Scoreboard to Squad/Player Scoreboard
-Updated squad competitive notifications
-Replaced Stun Grenades with Anti-Fire Grenades

-Further release to fix 2 major behind the scenes superbugs and further squad scoreboard updates

PRO TIP 1: The Dragon preset in Demolitions class is a beast. A shotgun shoots 8 pellets, each with a 20% chance to tag with a flame in conjunction with Incendiary Weaponry and Bandolier. (So 83% chance of a direct hit lighting at least 1 flame on the obs)
PRO TIP 2: Proning does not put flames out, you most prone + move until you stop taking damage and then sprint/leap to put it out.
PRO TIP 3: Firebug stance will stop the spread of flames, and reduce the damage to you making it easier to put out and less deadly to you.





Posts: 10
10:13 PM 16/04/2011

ok now I understand,I didn't know its a bug thanks for clearing it up :D

I'll tell the admins to update the version on their server.

Thanks again for the mod its awesome, your awesome cant wait for the next update :D

(xfire: zacbash) 



Posts: 64
08:45 AM 24/04/2011

Unfortunately, the ability to disable some perks got removed in this mod. And yes there RPG is a annoying weapon and I don't get rid of it without altering the fastfile. Last point is too complicated to do it after every modupdate. So I want to ask you to check the function and enable it if it is not working.

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
12:43 PM 25/04/2011

RPG is perfectly balanced now. You light on fire if they waste 2 perks on it yeah, but you rarely get a kill from incendiary rpgs now that it has been fixed. Normal RPG's are just how they used to be, so nothing to complain about there.

I think rather than determining whether things are balanced or not after you just upload a new version and everyone is testing all the new stuff, you should give it some time for people to fall back into the things they are comfortable with and then see how things play out.

Also factor in all the other things that come into choosing rpg's and incendiary.

1. 2 perks needed. Another if you take sonic boom to deal a little bit more damage.

2. You only get 2 shots, so you do really need to make them count.

3. When you do tag an obscurity with fire, they usually flee to a safe spot anyway and douse it.

4. You move a heap slower carrying an rpg, therefore making you a fairly easy target.

5. They are only accurate over a certain distance, therefore you do usually need to put yourself in danger.

6. You lose perk 1 the following round if you end up killing yourself.

I think the negatives easily balance the weapon.

Final word. If everyone took an m9 after it was added in an update, and every person was using them to see what they were like...you would find that a lot of your deaths would be from an m9.

PS: We don't appreciate people decompiling our mod to add crap that they think would improve it, potentially giving players false impressions of all they hard work we have put into it. Make your own mod and stuff with that.