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Posts: 42
02:15 PM 02/04/2011

Look...I have played obscurity since the first day it came out. Loved the mod. and when i say loved i mean i just couldn't wait to play it and i always got excited when i did play it. I just recently got an xBox and strated playing that. This was about a year ago. Then today i decided to make it my mission to find another of these obs servers i once so cherished. A couple months back i got into an australlian server( bad idea seeing as how i lagged out because im in america) and saw that snake and falc were one. I was in utter shock and awe at the chance to finally meet the creators of this wonderful mod. I kept lagging on the server and managed to pull of some good kills. Then snake said i was hacking because when he checked my SS a BMW came up...now im telling you that was my dads background and wall paper...i never have hacked, or will hack. I am utterly digusted at the people who do. Snake you can choose not to believe me if you want, but i just want to play this mod again. If you want i can even send a pic of my dads wallpaper to show you that i was not lying. Please, I love everything about this mod and wish to continue playing. I would much appreciate it if you would un-bann me.






Posts: 42
02:55 PM 02/04/2011

And one more thing. If I were supposedly hacking then I would have been banned from all the other servers I play on. But I haven't. And i happen to know for a fact that EHD has SS sent to them every match, and I have not been banned from there at all. I do not hack.

-1. I don't think I am smart enough to know how to hack.

-2. I play on my dads computer and he has a lot of stuff on here. If i download something that has a virus in it and it gets on his computer then my gaming life is over.

-3. I hate it when I enter a server and find a hacker. I know how the people that are getting hacked feel, so why would I want to do it to others?

                                                                                             Falcar and Snake you are human beings with your own opinions. You can choose not to believe me or not, it's completely up to you. I miss this mod greatly and would cherish the chance to play it again. Snake you said that liam was the last time you listen to beggars, so there is probably no use in begging you to un-ban me. So this is my last statement, I do not hack. Give me a second chance.

(xfire: seamusthefamous) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 526
04:21 PM 02/04/2011


strange that you waited exactly 1 year to revive this.




Posts: 42
01:20 AM 03/04/2011

look falcar i never have hacked or will hack...i know you don't trust me...its hard to trust anyone in this world and i understand why...i know i didn't hack...that was not a cover picture i swear...i would go to your place of residence and place my hand on a bible, god kill me should i be lying, i was not hacking. Falcar i am willing to do a lie detector test  to show you i was not. Im willing to put my LIFE on the line for this...because i was not hacking...i know you don't believe me and I'm probably wasting my breath (not exactly). But i mean seriously, I said I'm willing to put my life on the line for this...and not only that but i'll put everything i own on it, the clothes off of my back, anything.

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
01:48 AM 03/04/2011

I discussed with Falcar. You will be unbanned next update we do. Please keep your clothes on.




Posts: 42
01:57 AM 03/04/2011

really? wasn't gonna take my clothes off but you get the picture XD. AND IM PUTTING THIS OUT THERE FOR ALL ADMINS FOR ANT OBSCURITY SERVER. PLEASE let me know if there is anything wrong with my PB.