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OBSCURITY >> General Discussion >> Ultrastats with Obscurity

(xfire: rocco027) 



Posts: 24
08:56 PM 26/03/2011


I'm looking for some information about new types of weapon.
I found more, names are obsrifle_mp, obspistol_mp, possess_mp, incend_mp and playdead_mp.

Probably the first one is the primary big gun, the second is pistol with tracking function, third one i don't know, next one is same, no information what's this and the last one is for playing death.

Ok, what's my problem? Forexample here is the obsrifle_mp. We know you can make effects and others with this, BUT my server logs has 932 kills with this weapon (this weapon has the most of the kills). So i'm wondering what is it correctly, because you can not use for killing, but server gamelog has kills...

Next question. Obscurity is using standard knife for killing or different weapon in the system, because if it's not standard i can count the obscurity kills with knife...

So i tried to find information for this but could not. If we know which weapons are what we can make new codes to ultrastats and make new medals etc...

Here is our ultrastats with Obscurity mod: URL


(xfire: warmourner) 



Posts: 75
12:06 AM 27/03/2011

obs rifle can kill indirectly, such as if you use push fire mode, and send someone off a cliff, if they die X (ask falc for exact time) amount of time after that push hit them, they get killed by the rifle.

the incend is incendiary grenades probably, which do damage on explosion, then burn everything it hits. obscurity can also do something similar with the firebug stance and the pistol.

and possess is the obscurity possessing a marines body(hands out, right click) which kills the marine, and the obscurity takes the corpse as a host.

would have to ask falc about the different knife thing, but i suspect its the standard knife(vaguely remember him saying something about not being able to change that sort of things for only one team).

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
12:28 AM 27/03/2011

The melee attacks are linked to the weapon you are holding, as such I would assume that if you were holding the obsrifle_mp, that any melee kills you get with it would count towards that weapon.

obsrifle_mp: Obscurity rifle is the main gun
obspistol_mp: Obscurity pistol is the tracking pistol
possess_mp: This is the possess hands weapon
incend_mp: Incendiary grenades
playdead_mp: Needed for playing dead

Push deaths are not time based. If you are pushed and fall to your death, it counts as a push death.

Also, any deaths caused by fire (such as firebug explosion) count as incend_mp.

(xfire: rocco027) 



Posts: 24
09:40 PM 27/03/2011

Nice, so it's possible to count all of obscurity kills, just need obsrifle_mp, obspistol_mp, possess_mp and incend_mp. Thanks a lot!



OBSmin (S Rank) 

Posts: 256
06:54 AM 28/03/2011

incend_mp is the incendiary grenade that marines have, not an obscurity weapon

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
08:40 AM 28/03/2011

But, when an obscurity burns a player, it counts as an incendiary kill for the obscurity.



OBSmin (S Rank) 

Posts: 256
12:26 PM 29/03/2011

well then he can't use it to find kills specifically from obscurity / marines

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
11:47 PM 29/03/2011

Perhaps. I'm not sure what this ultrastats thing is or how it works.



OBSmin (S Rank) 

Posts: 256
04:55 AM 30/03/2011

You'd think you'd just be able to use the team field to determine what kills are from what team..? I dunno

(xfire: seamusthefamous) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 526
11:36 PM 30/03/2011

I'm not sure how it logs it, but if it's similar to the arguments in callback_playerdamage() I assume you can't. The player's teams aren't specified, the player entities themselves are given which you then can access the teams through... but you won't be able to do that outside of the game's scripts lol.

(xfire: rocco027) 



Posts: 24
06:29 PM 01/04/2011

Hi again!

UltraStats is a php based gamelog parser for Call of Duty series. It's nice and popular tool when you have server, website and you want to share game informations in the web. It's working with gamelog. It's easy to use and full compatible with standard game forexample without any kind of mod, but it's compatible with many mods (when these are using standard teams, standard weapons, etc...). When you have gamelogs from non standard mod forexample zombi, galaxi warfare etc mod, you can get some problem.  (The Ultrastats is using standard names but mods has differently maybe)

Actually it's working nice with Obscurity mod, but no special stuff (medals) for Obscurity mod. I want to change it! :) Because it's php based and possible to modificate, when we have information about obscurity weapons, kills how is it working inside the mod, we can make it ourself and i can share, maybe someone wants it.

It's good to know obscurity mod how is it working, because i didn't think before "The melee attacks are linked to the weapon you are holding" or "obscurity burns a player, it counts as an incendiary kill for the obscurity".

(xfire: rocco027) 



Posts: 24
07:10 PM 01/04/2011

I wrote new codes for Ultrastats. Not the best, because i counted only obsrifle_mp, obspistol_mp and posses_mp. I can not add obscurity burns kill because it's linked to incend_mp and it's marines weapon. :(

  • Name is Obscurity Killer Medal.
  • Description: Obscurity who killed the most survivors.

You can check here in our website: URL.

If you want to use, you can modificate your Ultrastats, but be careful, make backup first and after edit!
Just add these codes to the include\functions_parser-medals.php.

1. Step
Search // --- PRO MEDALS line, after go and insert these codes under else if($content['gen_gameversion'] == COD4 ) line:

        $content['medals']['medal_pro_obscuritykiller']['DisplayName'] = "Obscurity Killer";
        $content['medals']['medal_pro_obscuritykiller']['GroupedPlayerID'] = "PLAYERID";
        $content['medals']['medal_pro_obscuritykiller']['sql'] = "SELECT " .
                    STATS_PLAYER_KILLS . ".PLAYERID, " .
                    " sum(" . STATS_PLAYER_KILLS . ".Kills) as AllKills" .
                    " FROM " . STATS_PLAYER_KILLS .
                    " INNER JOIN (" . STATS_WEAPONS . ", " . STATS_ROUNDS .
                    ") ON (" .
                    STATS_WEAPONS . ".ID=" . STATS_PLAYER_KILLS . ".WEAPONID AND " .
                    STATS_PLAYER_KILLS . ".ROUNDID=" . STATS_ROUNDS . ".ID " .
                    ") " .
                    " WHERE " . STATS_WEAPONS . ".INGAMENAME IN ('obsrifle_mp', 'obspistol_mp', 'possess_mp') " .
                    GetCustomServerWhereQuery(STATS_PLAYER_KILLS, false, false, $serverid) .
                    GetBannedPlayerWhereQuery(STATS_PLAYER_KILLS, "PLAYERID", false) .
                    $szTimeFilter .
                    " GROUP BY " . STATS_PLAYER_KILLS . ".PLAYERID " .
                    " ORDER BY AllKills";

2. Step
Search // ========================== PRO MEDALS ================================= line, after go and insert these codes under else if($content['gen_gameversion'] == COD4) line:

        // --- Calc: medal_pro_obscuritykiller
        if ( $content["medal_pro_obscuritykiller"] == "yes" )
            $sqlquery =    $content['medals']['medal_pro_obscuritykiller']['sql'] . " DESC LIMIT 1";
            PrintHTMLDebugInfo( DEBUG_ULTRADEBUG, "Medal", "medal_pro_obscuritykiller: " . $sqlquery );

            $topplayer = ReturnMedalValue($sqlquery);
            if ( isset($topplayer['PLAYERID']) )
            InsertOrUpdateMedalValue(  "medal_pro_obscuritykiller",
                                       4 );
                PrintHTMLDebugInfo( DEBUG_INFO, "Medal", "medal_pro_obscuritykiller is empty!" );
        // ---

3. Step
Enter to the MySQL and add to stats_language_strings these:

    LANG: EN
    STRINGID: medal_pro_obscuritykiller
    TEXT: Obscurity who killed the most survivors

Make or search medal. Use medal_pro_obscuritykiller.png name and copy medal_pro_obscuritykiller.png to images/medals/normal folder.