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OBSCURITY >> Help & Tutorials >> Obscurity: Secrets to Survival

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
10:33 AM 25/03/2009

I thought I would start a tips & tricks topic for everyone to share their "Obscurity Secrets to Survival"

Hopefully we will get a good compilation together, I may then categorise them so it's easier to locate the ones you are after.

Obscurity: Secrets to Survival

  • Lure Obscurity players to doorways and small spaces to make them easier to hit.
  • Always have a fallback point or plan of action (Clays, retreat position etc).
  • Corners and doorways are good points to release a knife attack on Obscurity players when you don't have a chance to reload.
  • Lasers are a sure way to attract a Push Nade, so try to place your explosives away from lasers.
  • Don't spray and pray, be precise with your shots. You won't be in the game too long if you TK, and you will want to use your ammo wisely.
  • Use your ears. Many Obscurity players are rush crazy, which means they are not capable of masking their sound via firemodes & stealthy movement, giving you time to prepare an unhealthy dose of lead to send in the right direction.
  • Combine x3 Frag perk with Incendiary Nade perk to get x3 Inc Nades.
  • Battle Hardened reduces flash blindness duration greatly, along with the blood spatter reduction.
  • Flashbangs will only blind you if you are looking at them, so turn your back to them & you will only suffer momentary deafness.
  • Blood spatter is directional, so if your left side of screen gets spattered, it's best you look that direction and take out that Obscurity.
  • Grenade Launcher rounds are now set to a fuse. Giving you more options with the weapon and making you look less like a noobtuber. Bounce those nades around corners, off walls etc.
  • Smoke grenade colour is dependent on which squad you are in.
  • Squads allow players to work in small/coordinated 4 person fireteams and track each others movement.
  • While Obscurity, if you see a marine with an Obscurity symbol above his head, than it is a possessed player, so don't go and kill him unless you want a TK.
  • Don't tag other players on purpose unless you want to die.
  • Obscurity players can drop off a wall they are stuck on by holding "use key" if they do not want to leap off.
  • Obscurity players can possess through walls, so it's best to move lots or not camp near a wall that has access on the other side.
  • Taunting is a good way to scare marine players, but beware that it will give your location away.
  • Tornado Firemode works particularly well on bodies.
  • Tracking Firemode allows all Obscurity players to see your target, so if you want the kill you better move quick.
  • Hunter perk works particularly well for people with shotguns who tag lots, but never seem to drop the enemy.
  • Push nades are a great way to take a marine out who is near explosives or up high.
  • Hearing stab sounds, glimpsing flashes of obscurity, but cannot hear any near you. Don't panic you are probably hallucinating. It' s best to check around carefully as it's likely an Obscurity is near by watching your reaction.
  • You can toggle Obscurity vision on and off during spectate via the "grenade key"
  • Be aware of teammates close to you when camping. They could be replaced by an Obscurity at the blink of an eye so make sure you know where they are.
  • If you hear the phrase "Melon Ban" it's best to behave, as those special enough receive a Mod Wide Ban (not server wide). Death by melons every spawn. Respect server rules!
  • Obscurity do not need to wait for leap recharge if they are leaping from a 'stuck-to-wall' position, so fulfill those Spiderman fantasies.
  • A swap-drop-death here and there is ok, but don't do it too much otherwise you are asking for a ban.
  • Try using Pull Firemode on an enemy below you when stuck to the roof. if timed right you can pull off a pretty nifty knife kill.
  • Headstabs are the Obscurity version of a Flashbang, so use this to your advantage. The resulting blood spatter is blinding to all.
  • The Obscurity can become the ultimate stealth killing machine if used correctly.
  • Hustle is extremely effective when working in a squad. Your group will be able to move around the map with ease if one person has it.
  • Static Firemode is a great way to stir things up and mask your presence.
  • If everyone knows you have possessed someone you can always ditch the body by holding the "use key" and take advantage of the marines being extra suspicious of each other.
  • Using wounded players as bait is very effective, but beware if they have the medic perk, as they will run the first chance they get.
  • Be wary of cries of pain from gutted marines, it will help you know when your medic services are required and also let you know that an Obscurity is on the hunt nearby.
  • You stand more chance running than successfully reloading while under Obscurity pursuit. This is where a good fallback plan should come into action. 
  • Using yourself as bait can be extremely effective when combined with a "tweaked" car, just be careful of incoming Push Nades.


(xfire: seamusthefamous) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 526
11:00 AM 25/03/2009

Possibly the least known tip:

Moving as an Obscurity while crouched is completely silent.




Posts: 86
11:48 AM 25/03/2009

What if i f jumped while crouched?

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
01:24 PM 25/03/2009

I kinda covered the whole moving silently Falcar, maybe a bit more subtly though. Anyways, post lots of tips here. Would be great if people could keep all of their tips to their post via edits, that way you can have a nice neat collection of tips to share with the world.

Even if they double up, who cares...must have super tips collection!

(xfire: jlid) 



Posts: 71
05:31 PM 25/03/2009

Wow! i think you pretty much covered most of the tactics i use!


  • Leap into rooms where people are camped and jump up the wall. Most people camping think that you will have left the room and usually concentrate on doors so you can pick them off one by one!

This is best seen in a video i made on xfire! HERE

(xfire: warmourner) 



Posts: 75
09:05 PM 25/03/2009

best obs tactic ever, hardly anyone does it. possess through the floor! everyone camping the second stairwell on crash? no problem, just possess that dick with the LMG and fire away, 5 free kills, 5 seconds? yes please

(xfire: warmourner) 



Posts: 75
09:07 PM 25/03/2009

oh and the most useful tip you'll ever get. Use your eyes, you have them for a reason, obscurities are not hard to see, just pay attention!

seriously, its sad how many people scream hacker at me, just because i actually look for them, and proceed to kill them.




Posts: 9
09:57 PM 25/03/2009

so very very true Phoenix




Posts: 244
01:13 AM 02/04/2009

Speaking of actually LOOKING for obs. I find it very useful on levels with buildings that obs like to go on top of. If you look at the edge of the building where it meets the sky, you can sometimes see it distorted because of their feet. Aim up a lil and fire away.  Also, try not to sprint EVERYWHERE. If you heard an obs lands semi in the distance in front of you, slow down a little and start looking around corners before entering buildings. Can't tell you how many times I've seen a guy laying in a door way waiting to knife me, and I play into it. Walk closer, then headshot him. Thus invoking "HACKER". But yeah, in general look for the distortion of lines on buildings or tile floors. If you see a curve, shoot it ><

Also, I've been kicked from a server for "hacking" and they said they might ban me or ad me to ban list. What do I do if that happens? I'm legit but they just can't take it. And I don't want to dumb down to their level or else it's not fun anymore. Suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
05:12 AM 02/04/2009

Ask them to explain why you were banned, and the reasons why they may submit it as a PB ban. They should at least tell you what you did wrong, which you may be able to argue in favour of not being banned once you know why.




Posts: 3
09:49 AM 09/06/2009

Tip of mine...is usually VERY effective...especially when ur the last marine left.....do it all the time if there are 3+ obs after me and i am last left and usually i win the round..

...its very simple..when there's only 1 marine...obs become careless (most anyway) so simple...attract them with making any kind of noise.....run through doorway or corner , but the STAY JUST TO THE SIDE OF THE DOOR/CORNER, but dont let them see you turn and stay.....from there, as soon as you HEAR...not SEE but HEAR them, knife...and u shuld get them...

if u miss and they see you, go prone, they miss the knife, get up and repeat, although in open space

Knifing obs is much, MUCH easier than aiming and shooting them, as you dont have to SEE them....i am successful with it and all i do is knife in the direction i hear the noise, and always works :D

(xfire: chaosbeserker) 



Posts: 53
02:38 PM 09/06/2009

rememebr theres safety in numbers.....but camping too long and the obs will adapt and kill you another way.


when your running in the open and you obs and your struggling to try and kill it, just remember that taking the time to slow down, listen and (usually forgotten) knife will often help you far greater than paniking, spraying and ending up dead.


when crippled, if you cant see the obs then do a 180 degree turn and knife.


When running in a group its always best to be in the middle than at the front or back, the obs will usually go for the person that is slightly stray.


If a nade comes from mid-air or a person vanishes then shoot where it came from/where the person was.


*obs tip*

Dont phase down if you dont know where your gonna end up




Posts: 1
06:15 AM 28/08/2009

Sometimes its better to work alone

I like to lone wolf it due to the fact that many marines get in my way

and or become a threat if they follow my movements and thus getting

teleported while leaving me to deal with an obscurity point blank.




Posts: 244
03:42 PM 28/08/2009

The only guy I really work with ever in tangent is Boo ^^^^^^^^


That being said we have special kits we run together and pretty much CHALLENGE mode when we feel like being frisky xD 


And we have a Leap Frog game that we play, but I won't go into further detail because it's still in development =P






Posts: 4
01:29 PM 18/09/2009


I have two tactics that i use. They have flaws but they seem to work.


1) Go into a corner that the obs cant get behind and surround yourself with clays (have sonic boom). Then aim up, they will almost always try to poss or fall from above.

2) Use stopping power on a weapon with a high damage. I find if you spray, which is a bad idea but it happens if you panic, then the damage should kill them. If you're a good shot then a couple of bullets and the're gone. I tend to use the mp5. Its Not the best but its still good.


Also if you dont wanna get knifed then go prone before they knife, they tend to miss.

(xfire: Stratos4Adict) 



Posts: 34
07:17 PM 18/11/2009

If you have a camping enemy, who is hard to kill of all ways. Launch random knifes around the area so after the second knife he will run or look like a crazy cause of the panic. He will think you failed at  knife him.

Rush into the obscurity spawn, Incendiary grenates + AK 47 and run away or try to kill the last obscurity in the area. Or don't move in the spawn, if the server have good players, they will try to posses you, so when the obscurity come for your body wait one second and kill him, you are a "AFK" player...

Walk in the midle of map and when you hear a obscurity  continue walking and try to have him behind you and inmediatly turn back and shot him.

If you see a obscurity triying to shot you, don't look him if you don't have an insta kill. So try to move into a good position and get a headshot.

Use frags and rpg's and c4 to kill marines when you are a possesed. Don't spray try to get a sure kill or they will shot you. Don't run like a crazy, be intelligent and look for claymores use frags to kill marines in rooms, i am sure they will be with a lot of claymores, c4....

The best way to enter in a campers room is teleport with a marine inside there, ut be carefull or they will see you.






Posts: 39
05:03 AM 31/08/2010

Good idea i like this secrets to survive lol

It's a realy good idea, fight alone it's the best secret to survive...!!!