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HITLOC >> General Discussion >> HitLoc Beta September 2010 - Released

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OBS Dev 

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08:55 AM 03/09/2010

I have uploaded the latest version of HitLoc into the downloads sections. This includes the admin panel, and all new features that many of you may not have seen. It has seen a major overhaul since the original download release.

Important things to note:

  • Make sure you assign your controls by pressing escape and selecting: Controls > Multiplayer Controls. Assign Defuse, Steal, Heal and Change Ammo
  • In hitloc.cfg you can assign admins to your server by typing in the last 8 digits of their guid. When running the players with the assigned guids will have access to the Admin Panel, without having to login via rcon.

Locational Damage in-depth guide

Some quick tips from the Did You Know/Intel file:

•Make sure you assign your DEFUSE, HEAL, STEAL, CHANGE AMMO keys via Multiplayer Controls
•If you are leaving a blood trail, you will eventually bleedout and die unless healed
•To avoid flashbangs blinding you, turn away from the blast. You will still lose hearing temporarily though
•C4, shotguns and grenade launchers all have alternate firemodes toggled by the CHANGE AMMO key
•Smoke grenades can be cooked to allow a portable smokescreen, but be aware that smoke will blur your vision if you are caught in it
•Use the STEAL key to steal grenade pins, C4 detonators and pistols when behind enemies
•THIEF provides a speed increase when prone/crouched. Great for stalking your prey!
•THIEF allows you to steal quicker and also steal enemy uniforms. Tread carefully when in enemy clothing though
•Claymore motion detection can be toggled via the DEFUSE key. Great for letting friendlies past and avoiding team kills
•C4 satchels can be retrieved if misplaced via the DEFUSE key
•BOMBSQUAD allows you to interact with both friendly and enemy explosives via DEFUSE key. Go farm those satchels!
•Use BOMBSQUAD to crouch or prone past claymores without detonating them. Great for sneaking up on campers!
•There are around 25 different types of locational damage that can be inflicted to players
•A BULLETPROOF VEST provides great protection from light arms fire to the chest and reduces internal bleeding
•Embedded THROWING KNIVES can be retrieved and used again via the DEFUSE key
•Heal wounded teammates via the HEAL key. If you have MEDIC it will be much faster
•MEDIC allows you to heal your own minor injuries, and speeds up healing of teammates
•AUTOMATED BATTLECHATTER can be triggered under specific circumstances. Try stacking a doorway with a friend and lobbing in a flashbang
•Surviving a shot to the chest will slow you down, cause random blackouts and eventually kill you if not healed
•If a limb is damaged too much, it will start bleeding. Bleeding can eventually lead to death if left unattended
•Once your legs take too much damage you will become crippled and unable to walk. Try to stand and you will bleedout much quicker.
•If your arms take too much damage, you will not be able to hold your weapon for a short time, and you will start to slowly bleed
•If you are shot in the hand you may drop your gun. Be sure to pick it back up and return fire
•You will not be able to sprint if you are shot in the thigh
•Trip an enemy over by shooting his foot. Always nice to see an enemy faceplant mid-sprint
•There is not much you can do if shot or stabbed in the neck, other then to go down firing if possible
•THROWING KNIVES are deadly and can result in gruesome deaths. Aim for the head or neck for best results!
•C4 has 7 different trigger types, toggled via the CHANGE AMMO key
•Explosions cause temporary concussions and hinder movement depending on how close you were to them
•Melee attacks are also locational. So get up close to really do some damage
•If you see some blood smearing it may be worth following. An enemy may be crawling away, or a friendly may need help
•If you see blood drips forming around a friendly, chances are he could do with some healing
•If you are unsure whether you or a friend need healing, look for the blood drips on the ground
•Try not to fall too far. You could sprain your ankle, cripple yourself or die
•Enemies scream in pain when wounded. It may be beneficial to track the source down
•Blood streaming past your face? Chances are you have a knife in your forehead
•You will blackout and then die if a THROWING KNIFE is embedded into your chest, back, neck or head
•You can heal a friendly from a THROWING KNIFE wound to any non-vital limbs, but be quick
•Blood drips, arterial blood spray, smearing, embedded knives or slow movement are good signs that healing is needed
•THROWING KNIVES allow you to silently take out an enemy and are great during night ops
•Use the NVG or NIGHT OPS DEFAULT CLASSES when night sets in. Silenced weapons and red dot sights are also handy
•Use red dot sight and NVG to help aim during night ops. Very handy if you like to fire from the hip
•The USP has a built in laser, enabling both asilencer and laser to be used to great effect during night ops
•Shotgun pellets are are great for close quarters battle. Use the CHANGE AMMO key to toggle your shotgun ammunition
•Shotgun slugs are accurate and effective up to 100m. Use the CHANGE AMMO key to toggle your shotgun ammunition
•Stun grenades greatly hinder your speed and movement
•You can combine locational damage to really torture your enemies. Cripple, disarm and then headshot them!•
•During storms, heavy rain can mask sound made whilst moving. Silencers are extremely deadly during showers
•The time of day and weather carries on between maps and dynamically changes as time progresses
•It gets extremely dark at night time, so its always good to switch to a NVG equipped class

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OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
03:44 AM 04/09/2010

Link to download: HitLoc_Sep2010.rar