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White Fang

White Fang


Posts: 4
08:45 PM 31/07/2010

Hey guys,

I played the Obscurity Mod for a very long time now and I realy loved it. But now I am realy p---ed of. The new verision 299d (played on RTX) is the worse I have seen, since the beginning. I cant see the Obs anymore, eaven if they stand in front of me. The rain-sound is mutch to loud so i cant heare the obs anymore. If i change AA to 4x I only get black and white and no more colors.

Sry guys but if these things arent fixed, it will be the last time ever that I played this mod.


Please let me know if you have the same problems or if it depends on my setup. Any infos how to fix my problems?


White Fang

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
02:16 AM 01/08/2010

Firstly, 2.99d isn't released, but it is possible they are running it.

It is true that Falcar has adjusted the distortion of the obscurity increasing the difficulty, but if your ratio is setup right I do not see the problem here. It does make it more challenging, especially for those who are extremely good at it. It adds some spice to the mod. We will however be tweaking the effectiveness of some of the perks in accordance to the update to help you with spotting the obs (longer laser marking, increased inc nade efficiency etc.

The rain is loud when heavy rains come in, BUT we have removed fog/sandstorms/blizzards. Which are a lot more overbearing than this effect. It is not meant to be easy when heavy rain sets in. It is meant to add a new twist and make players adapt to the new circumstances. Blizzards and sandstorms were also never easy to play in, yet you still played it. We have changed the way the weather works once more and given more options for admins to setup the weather to their liking (obs_weatherchance, obs_weatheroverride etc). So if it rains too often, or goes for too long, we suggest you speak to admin to tweak the settings a bit. Currently we set our weatherchance to 10 percent. This allows for majority of clear/sunshine with the occasional light rain/heavyrain, that has the chance to progress into a storm. Storms can also occur without any rain.

I have no idea about the 4x AA problem you are having, so I would suggest updating your drivers. There is nothing we have added that would affect the game like that and there is not even a way to even script graphical engine settings like that. We cannot detect the settings you are using. So I'm sorry to say, but this is most likely an issue with your rig.

Finally, version 2.99d is still a WIP, and there are many things we are working on before it will be released. As always, an obs ratio of 1 to 8 is what we are working on to achieve, so the balance will be constructed in a way that complements these odds. Three or four obscurity players vs 10 marines is not what we are after, so yes it will be difficult to kill the obscurity players if it is imbalanced. Server admins have a lot of control on how to setup the mod, so if you are not liking the current setup you need to communicate to them.

You can always stick to 2.99c.

(xfire: seamusthefamous) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 526
03:18 AM 01/08/2010

We're considering making multiple obs skins and releasing them as a skin pack, so server admins can change the obs cloak difficulty/appearance as they please... the one that's on the server is called "scalemail" and is meant to be quite difficult to see haha