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MISC >> General Discussion >> R18+ Classification for Games - Public Submission

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
01:52 AM 15/12/2009

The Australian government is taking in public discussion in regards to the lack of R18+ classifications for video games.

"The Commonwealth Government has released a discussion paper which briefly summarises the key arguments for and against an R 18+ classification for computer games.  Censorship Ministers have considered the issue of an adult classification for computer games on several occasions.  However, they have not undertaken public consultation on this issue.

Submissions are being sought on whether the Australian National Classification Scheme should include an R 18+ classification category for computer games.  Submissions can be made by downloading and completing the submission template.  Submissions may also be mailed or faxed.  The discussion paper and submission template contain the contact details for making a submission.

Submissions are invited by close of business 28 February 2010. Submissions received after the due date may not be considered."

It is highly recommended that all gamers who either support or are against the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games express their views, and send them in so that they may be considered by the government when deciding on the ultimate outcome.

So, if you are an Australian, and have a strong stance either way, please fill this out and spread the word to other gamers who may also wish to voice their opinions.

For full details and submission forms/templates, visit http://www.ag.gov.au/gamesclassification.

I will share my views here once I fill it out for myself, but everyone is free to express their opinions and discuss what they think about an R18+ rating for video games.

NineMSN Poll: http://ninemsn.com.au/ 
(Please vote here also, I will remove this once the poll is removed (Currenlty slightly in favor of R18+ rating))
Full NineMSN Article: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/technology/983731/govt-considers-r-rating-for-video-games

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
10:59 AM 03/02/2010

I finally got around to submitting my R18+ arguments to the government. If we don't have our say now, then we will be stuck with a below-par gaming experience for a long time.

So please, everyone voice their opinions by filling out this official form at http://www.growupaustralia.com/show-your-support/r18-games-submission/. This form is a template for the official Australian Government R18+ Classifcation Survey and will be submitted as such. It is also supported by EB Games Australia. There is a written argument on the final page if you do not wish to write your own....either way, as a gamer to gamers, please do your bit and help with the push for the R18+ classification. PS: Read the multiple choice questions properly, as some are difficult.

As promised, here is my 250 word limited argument. To inspire and or encourage you all to submit your opinions.

"I firmly believe that the introduction of an R18+ classification rating for video games within Australia is required to meet the growing demends of consumers and help in restricting access of undesireable content to minors.

With the average age of people playing video games constantly on the rise, it is clear that the video games market needs to expand and cater to both adults and children. The introduction of an R18+ rating for video games would make it very clear cut as to the target audience of the product.

It is unlikely a parent would take a child to see a R18+ movie, so why would it be any different for video games? I regularly see parents undecided about whether to get their child a M or MA15+ game, whereas a R18+ rating would make it clear for both consumers and sellers that the content within is targetting an adult audience, and therefore should not be distributed to minors.

I also think that if the video game ratings were on par with other rating standards across the world, that the economy would benefit greatly, as there would be no need for adults to have to import products from overseas, harming the Australian gaming industry.

Parents need a crystal clear rating to say "this product it for adults only", and I believe an R18+ rating is a solution with many benefits."