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(xfire: jlid) 



Posts: 71
05:53 PM 19/03/2009

This cod 4 mod pits the marines (armed with an extra perk) against the highly evolved obscurities.

As a marine:

You get all the normal weapon allowances and the benefit of a 4th perk.

4th perk choices are:

Medic: As a medic you have the chance to revive a downed comrade. When a marine is hit but not killed they become downed. Downed marines eventually bleed out. If you press 6 you pull out a syringe containing a mix of god knows what. You can then jab a downed marine (shoot key) and they will be revived and ready to fight.

Incendiary Grenade: The Incendiary Grenade perk turns you frag grenade into an incendiary one. (if you take the 3x frag you get 3x incendiary!!) When these grenades strike they have a chance of lighting the target on fire. Although this does not kill the target, it causes them to slow down and you can see the flames burning on them for a limited time. This time can be used to unload a clip into them!

Hustle: This perk gives you and close by team members a speed boost. Im unsure on the actual speed increase and afaik its one of the least used perks. Possibly useful when playing in groups and on TeamSpeak.

Battle Hardened: The Battle Hardened perk stops you from getting blood in your eyes when a marine is killed close to you.

Lasers: Picking lasers as a perk gives you the ability to lay up to 4 laser sensors. Pressing 6 selects them. You can then place them strategically around the map. To place them you must have an adjacent wall or object that is not to far away (maybe 10-15m max). Pressing 6 will get out the lasers, and then pressing shoot will throw them. If the laser sticks it will automatically put a laser on the opposite object and light up. Lasers do not have to be placed from wall to wall. They can go from floor to ceiling or from any object on the map (as long as it has an adjacent wall/object within range) When an obscurity passes through the beam it will trigger a short alarm to notify you they are close.

Hunter: The hunter perk will inflict bleeding upon an obs if you hit them. This makes them easier to spot (altho im unsure if this bleeding eventually kills them, somone find out and post!)

Killing the obscure: The obscurities have some sort of cloaking device. This makes them near invisible to the naked eye. You can see an obscurity if you are close to them and they are moving excessively. They cause a shimmer effect. Obs cause all loose objects on the ground to move as they advance. So if you see boxes flying towards you it generally means get the fuck out of dodge as you are about to be killed!!! The obscurity make a strange sound which you will become accustomed to hearing the more you play. Try to use this sound to determine where the obscurity is. With a headset you can usually figure out which side the obscurity is coming from and put enough hot metal into that area.

Camping: Excessive camping ruins the game! SO DON’T DO IT! There is nothing wrong with setting up a cool-ass laser fence perimeter around a room but it wont save you…. The obscurity can super jump thought your strategically placed claymores which are then triggered killing some poor marine who was running for his life! You best bet is to keep moving.

Defensive choices:
Weapons: Auto Shottie/Deagle
Perk 1: Claymores
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Deep Impact
Perk 4: Lasers

Hunting: You may think as a marine you are being hunted. But when im a marine I hunt the obs!! Moving around makes it a lot harder for you to be jumped upon by an obscurity. I take the following layout and use my sense to hunt out and kill obs.

Offensive choices:
Weapons: P90/Deagle
Perk 1: 3x Frag
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning
Perk 4: Incendiary Grenades

This mod is so much more enjoyable when your on TeamSpeak and can speak to those you kill or who kill you so why not join us on ours! Our TS server IP is and the password is logmo

See you soon!

As Obscurity:

Our server sets 1 in every 5 marines as a an obscurity. This balance may seem unfair but if you get an obs that know what they are doing this 1 in 5 can be enough!

Obscurities don’t have a standard gun. Their weapon has a multitude of options to help them kill their targets. This is best shot by looking down the scope but can (like a sniper rifle) be used to no scope but it isn’t very accurate. To change the current setting on the obscurity rifle hold 4 and look left and right on the mouse. The gun has the following settings (from left to right in game)

Obscurity Gun
Tornado: Shoot this at he ground to create a distraction. Any lose objects on the floor spin around in a mini tornado. This gives the effect that an obscurity is moving and may give you the chance to get a kill.

Static noise: By targeting an area and shooting you create a static noise decoy that sounds like an obscurity moving around.

Stun: Hitting a target with this option causes them to become stunned. It moves thier gun around the screen and in the 4-5 seconds after they have to be very lucky to shoot in a straight line.

Hallucinate: When a target is truck by this they see blurs resembling obscurities (so I hear I have never had this done to me so im not sure. Paddzor told me this so blame him if its wrong!!) This can be very useful. When one person in a camping group starts shooting the others tend to follow suit so they end up wasting there ammo! Then when they are reloading you can strike!

Tracker: A target that is shot by this will show green fir 30 seconds. This bloodlust can be seen through walls and its very useful for locating an enemy that is camped in the corner of a room!

Magnet: Shooting a marine with this option will instantly pull the target towards you. Lying outside a room where people are camping and waiting for one to walk past the doorway then using the magnet option to pull him out of the safety of his tent and kill him is always amusing. Magnet is also useful for pulling marines out of building windows or off of roofs to their deaths!

Teleport: This option will immediately swap you and the marine you hit. Use this option to get into a room where people are camping then kill them one by one. If your really good you can use this to teleport a marine who has just thrown a grenade at you onto the grenade! Which is pretty funny to watch but the chances you get to do this are slim! Some people use this to teleport a marine as they are falling but if I catch you doing this I will kick you as its not cricket!

Obscurity Extras
Concussion Grenades: You can throw grenades as obscurity. You have an unlimited stock of these but they take 15 seconds to recharge. You have a maximum of 2 grenades at a time. E.G. you can throw one, then 5 seconds later you throw another. In 10 more seconds you will get one more back (the first one thrown) and in 15 seconds you will get the second back. These nades will cause marines to move dependant on where they are hit. Hitting a marine in the front will cause them to move away from you. If you hit the wall behind a marine they will be propelled forward. These can be used to knock people out of camping spots or from roofs!

Super Jump: Obscurity can jump extremely high and far. By pressing F you can propel yourself extremely far. You can use this (with a bit of practice) to jump on marines from afar. Knifing them as you go along! When chasing a marine who is shooting you try to jump them and turn to face them as they run (unsuspectingly) straight into you! (I have footage of me doing this im just trying to get the sound working on my xfire record and then I will post them!!)

Stick to Walls: You can use F to hold onto a wall and stay out of danger. Super jumping up the side of a building then pressing F will allow you to hold the wall. Great for stalking prey and getting into places where you can look over the map!

Posses: By far one of the best things an obscurity can do! Pressing 6 will bring out your hands. By right clicking these hands you will be able to take control of a marine. The marine has to be very close for you to do this and you have to stay aimed at the target for 2.5 seconds. This is a really hard skill to master but once you do you can sit at windows and posses a camper and then kill the whole room before they know whats happened!!

You are near invisible but not totally!! Make sure you remember that! You can move around the map easily waiting for targets to come out in the open. Hang off buildings and watch what people do. Use the gun to distract the marines. Let them waste their ammo shooting at nothing. The way you choose to play as an obscurity will depend on what you like doing. Personally I love to watch the marines panic (as I do when im the only marine left being chased by 3 obs ). Watching them shoot a doorway when your really hanging from the wall above them in so funny I almost do a sex wee in my pants! The main thing is have fun playing the mod!!

I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to seeing you on our servers and hopefully around here! Check out my xfire videos of this mod (Xfire: jlid)

(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
01:51 AM 20/03/2009

Great guide! I thought I'd answer some of the things you needed answering, and maybe give insight into a few things you may not have known about.

Medic: You don't bleed out from crippling, but you can heal it. Hold F if you have medic perk to revive yourself. You will lose the perk once you self revive, but hey...you are still alive!

Hustle: 20% speed boost in all stances. Great for squad teams.

Battle Hardened: Reduces flashbang blindness also.

Hunter: Obscurity do not die from bleeding, but the more they move the longer they bleed for.

Hallucinate: They hear random stabbing near them which is the main trigger. There are false obs that can be seen, I have seen the effect when testing but not ingame. Either way, the stabbing sound triggers that one guy to go crazy most times. Shoot a guy, sit back and watch him go crazy once a fake stab goes off. We plan on improving this firemode soon, but it does work pretty well at the moment to the unaccustomed.

Obs Nades (I like to call em Bubble nades lol): Also good for clearing an area of explosives.

Stick to walls: While stuck to a wall you can use any of the firemodes excluding swap. (Try using pull/magnet on a guy while you are stuck to the roof). You can also throw your grenades, and possess from a wall. Holding F while stuck to a wall will make you drop, whilst tapping F will make you leap off.

Possess: You get 30 seconds to wreak havoc (server setting). Once the body takes enough damage you get ejected from it, but you don't necessarily die. You may also decide to leave a body whenever you want by holding F for a second or two.

I'll sticky this guide once you are happy with it. You may like to add stuff about squads and how they work before then.