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(xfire: snakelet) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 1330
02:34 AM 17/03/2009

This is what happens if you hack!

This is a list of all the players who have been added to the mods "Melon Ban" list. 

This is what they have to look forward to next time they play the latest version of the mod: Melon Ban
Requests for bans:
(These requests should only be given for serious offenders on your servers, as the melon ban is a pretty harsh punishment.)
Server IP & Name:
Server Website:
Admin Name:
Offender Name:
Offender GUID:
What they did:

Appeals for bans:
Reason for Ban:
Reason for Appeal:

(xfire: seamusthefamous) 


OBS Dev 

Posts: 526
07:37 AM 20/12/2009


APP b4dc5aae aLaN team killing under aliases

CUR 43a1b91b dainese being offensive

CUR 31dbad59 ?hs? hating on mod

CUR 7246bce1 MARFACATT team killing

APP d24e9c87 l3ear ohh, suck on it

CUR b83b3b28 big boy spirit team killing/ flashing

CUR 5adcd5b3 S.A.S|Sound team killing/ attitude problems

APP a273d249 GoLdEn SpY cL abusive/ racist

APP 1a1abc34 GoLdEn F4Th3r abusive

APP 9a39b20c GoLdEn Shian abusive/ racist

CUR bea2ae51 6 Yr Old *** offensive name/ team killing

CUR 68e2ddf7 =MR=HeFF tagging/ associating with idiots

CUR 20f2d622 =MR=StriKer tagging/ associating with idiots

CUR 8e7ddc62 =MR=OD!!! tagging/ associating with idiots

CUR efbb6495 yourself team killing

CUR 18d1f897 vE::quincy team killing on exit

APP be4fa765 (ATA)Rambo VI team killing

CUR ocb67323 wow team killing/ tagging

CUR da32c1ff nexus team killing/ abuse

CUR b9ad1f6b 13SN Brad team killing/ flashing on exit

CUR 01978564 eQual>>Leb|FPS team killing/ tagging on exit

CUR 9912bc3a pz trinz team killing

PER d512bc43 TWC-Dewy hacking

PER 1d218ef4 HawX hacking

PER bef6c88f DemonX hacking

PER 074af90d RockStar..LFC.. hacking

PER ac8d666e =bmxican=whips hacking

PER a68251ae |>HSI

CUR a4197804 Psychopathzor team killing

PER 9b2d7d0a Alter hacking

CUR a4cc736a |B*T*K|dragoon tagging

PER 1f30ddba =|F8|= V!P@ hacking

APP f6dcec8e OTP|Viper team killing on exit

PER dfbd6768 Velocity hacking

APP c6cab588 CHK-CHK BOOM team killing

APP 4f5897e4 HeroXIII team killing/ flashing

PER 5f98008d {XGS} Skatesy hacking

APP 1ed698fb OTP|TJ team killing/ whining in voice chat

APP 817dd924 MACA(CLANLESS) team killing

APP 2493dd37 Window95 team killing

PER dafab1a3 Joe hacking

PER 42a75673 Winters hacking

CUR dcdc1f82 -73- Dresger team killing

PER a3ab1ab5 Ionica team killing

CUR ece373ff MickDundee-JNRNS team killing

PER 98f072a5 biOdex.lfc hacking

PER 1aa337cbhacking

PER 2d9b17e5 ,,!,,* *,,!,, team killing/ voice chat flood/ abuse

APP ee22e6a6 Goa F. Usef team killing

PER 638113ed #Dth.N3oN hacking

PER 471fe262 #Dth.V!per hacking

APP c8374a68 zZzdragon ninja flooding chat

PER a67591f6 #Dth.Maniac hacking

PER 164928d1 Regular Tsuna hacking

CUR 203c95ae Filthy Arab offensive name/ tagging

CUR da7e69bc miniuzi team killing/ scripting shotgun

CUR 7e6d61c3 Green tagging/ team killing

PER 4e208072 Siikkness hacking

PER 7ab00fc2 2009 hacking

PER 1807a755 Sparkzz hacking

PER c097a31d Shiverz hacking

CUR 79fe465e Tirador hackusations towards modmins/ team killing

PER 1d246960 dorshe hacking

PER 1f45c636 SniperPhail hacking

PER d3bafaa4 -C4K- Bad-Blood hacking

CUR 33edced1 Unamed Player impersonating Snakelet

APP 82aefcde UTG Crash excessive hackusations

APP 4c1d00bf S|de Sw|Pe team killing

APP 5db36ab5 Hs|Kirby team killing

CUR b53c3854 [G3]malson team killing on exit

PER 97b734e8 >56k

PER c2879c94 [HyP] iBUNNY hacking

PER 64403fb7 ntrZ.FaRm hacking

APP 02cbd049 [[DOD]] TwAdL2 tagging on exit

PER c5213b7d HaDeS hacking

CUR db6815a4 right there tagging/ team killing

PER b8b2413a NMK|MANGO-SC hacking

PER 758ace1d ^Ru$ky^ hacking

PER a897f69a {Q q} Whips hacking

CUR 157ad61f Hitman team killing on exit

PER 4c31094d [FBIM]Sanjeet team killing on exit

CUR c2ec257b -=CCK=-BurnyBoy team killing on exit

CUR 91bfbe2c sMiTtY team killing

CUR a2724742 CoRE.|Guitarist team killing on exit

PER 26e72341 dawGG|ExILe hacking

PER 9c704daf lol hacking

CUR 484eafle G.S||AAG team killing

CUR 03d40b45 Bman no41 team killing on exit

PER 3d71ff51 CAMPY hacking

PER a3b99d05 fireempfreezz hacking

PER f8c1f5b0 |Fkn| - Barrage hacking

PER 8e27674a Bread Pitt hacking

CUR a700da1d ---Twink--- abusive/ team killing

CUR 88ab0849 lolly wrapper team killing

CUR 6e2e2efa AAT - Hawkz abusive/ team killing on exit

PER 8888db0b Barb B. Cue hacking

PER 92cccf5d Maj.Pain hacking

CUR 82e040fb [THX] Dim119 team killing

CUR 3e195566 KYDLUIS team killing on exit

CUR b15f3ffe richard.one team killing

CUR 5a5b43cc [FTA]CA*Comrade team killing

PER 279ae722 | HaDeS | hacking

PER 46ca9c9f remiX.iWin hacking

PER ba54faa5 remiX.iFail hacking

PER 2312fe2f Rangiku hacking

PER 80307ac6 rofl hacking

PER 79c0c0ad BusOnAKingPrawn hacking

PER 28c2fe9a Its.Me.Jebus! hacking

PER 2ac6ded7 sL' SuperwoG hacking

CUR 60768436 iLoveMen team killing

APP 1e2d82e4 Pro Fish abusive/ spamming

APP 16a678cb SoS||Prod1gy TR abusive/ team killing/ tagging

CUR 4db56de6 Amature team killing on exit

APP cad08c6b UNXPECTED abusive

CUR 6659592c Worst Sniper tagging

CUR 9e33dce7 (SA) Quaweds constant hackusations

PER c9bb67e2 |BW|WABS| hacking

PER f46c79c0 WASTED hacking

PER c28c8804 Bluewilly hacking

PER 099c134c Bad hacking

CUR 7cbd59bc B6.Lock- team killing

PER 84146cbe |BMIA|Johnny hacking

PER 1ba7508a Guarine93 hacking

PER 311a4f52 Stel hacking

PER e3b45886 BFM Bleach hacking

PER 79d2e000 Matty hacking

APP 9ae6f350 Stiffler flooding chat with advertising

PER 7ce19bc9 [NTL] Sasuke hacking

PER b54ab134 EGA|SzymOner hacking

PER b311a42e Lst.K|KIBORG hacking

PER 52647a6c Aca hacking

PER 99e7a6a6 Gerogie hacking

APP 9a7e5de9 the fun (aka lexhanatin) abusive/ racist/ team killing/ tagging

PER 4e605a57 Dragonboy hacking

CUR d2ffb2c3 |Black|Eagle|

PER 2f7d4cb5 ImAwesome hacking

PER 80233a8c jizzed hacking

CUR 5b947d03 Omg2NOOB@zomg! abusive/ disgusting

CUR 4ba05d42 The Obscurity abusive/ disgusting

CUR 3f805cdf =NuKe=PiRaNhA|F abusive/ disgusting

CUR a40c5018 =NuKe=PiRaNhA|F abusive/ disgusting

CUR 11c90519 =NuKe=PiRaNhA|F abusive/ disgusting

PER 45515674 Sky[NET] hacking

CUR b9ae8f33 KrYp'NoFeAr team killing on exit

CUR fbe4cd4e =NZSF=Murdoch. team killing on exit

PER 1430870c [SG]RiDdLeR hacking

PER 85ff5100 [SG]Assassin hacking

PER e76bf3bf BeoWulf hacking

PER 075424f0 |SEPR|Danya hacking

CUR e95301f5 gNod abusive/ team killing on exit

CUR 7df75aa2 Enndr abusive/ team flashing

PER 30647803 KiLLer hacking

PER 15a8b8e6 :D hacking

PER f832b039 retraX. hating on mod/ boasting hacks

PER 4590dabd |SG|Qui'Xotic hacking

APP 58e3406d Kissme daddy team killing on exit

CUR 0ef3be1e kenny persistent team killing

PER 93f19c96 OBShunter hacking

PER 7137f311 |SG|Gremlin hacking

PER 2f027274 Media hacking

PER 52b76807 Syntech( . Y . ) hacking

PER 53a4b60b Dent hacking

PER ba4deaf0 PAPA RUS hacking

PER 03ba6a11 Dima62 hacking

PER bac8cd0c Koyot -Rostov hacking

PER 84d9934f CyPresS

PER 5a767a3c iNsAnItY hacking

PER 9df67dcc humanoid hacking

PER 9f64b4a4 MR catz hacking

PER b6cd7454 Chris hacking

PER 2cdc108c THE KILLER hacking

PER d5685c9a DoMajor hacking

PER 63c607a9 NJA-ACE hacking

PER 1d0894ae SB hacking

PER d0e69992 AERO hacking

PER 04a678a3 KRiK hacking

PER 14a35188 KociaQ hacking

PER 91dadffd DS|Filip|VCL hacking

PER 1e127ff4 x JuNkiE x hacking

PER 865b9c3a Magnum hacking

PER a4995e4a OBSHunting hacking

PER 559871d4 eNH.|Mike hacking

PER cd846433 eNH.|Exit hacking

PER 2f0895ec dima<> hacking

PER 1779f1ba Racazar.mp3 hacking

PER 2d12528b qplay.Nano hacking

PER 79f94b10 qplay.inertia! hacking

PER 46ac95bd >|AmG|< Grill3d abuse

PER 1c4331b1 =DvS= SackTime! abuse

PER d6fcc6d2 ZORO-1997 hacking

PER c0a35742 ZORO-1997 hacking

PER 4430683e SparKey-Osprey2 hacking

PER c6558ec5 Slumdog hacking

PER 70ab6088 Fusa.frs.[pl] hacking

PER 512b6658 >2D

PER d0c4d784 ily_fitzgerald hacking

PER 4e4d9adc NOMAD hacking

PER 1242c4e9 cliq_Velo hacking

CUR ef46d848 Horned_Snake. abusive_/team_killing

PER 351e47bd Lizaq hacking

PER 44bf1f4b allways hacking

PER cdf27d26 FuZe hacking

PER 5829dda3 =NuKe=Shadow|F hacking

PER 6dde034a =TtK=Evilboy hacking

PER 192d4ad7 -TNZ-Maka hacking

PER 1e0a8412 eS'Nemo. hacking

PER 085ffe7a SGT_Pain/Expertatcard hacking

PER 5a6bacbe {EBDA}Expert*CL hacking

PER a9d68577 {EBDA}Snidge*L hacking

PER da41af10 Toolbox_TM / Slut.exe hacking

PER c30a44a4 2[fA$T]4y0u hacking

PER f4df1b9b Lightning hacking



OBSmin (S Rank) 

Posts: 256
10:47 AM 04/05/2013

These players are to be placed on the melon ban list in the next update:

 Melon list updated 28/05/2013 - 3 PERMANANT 1 APPEAL

These players are to be added next updated: