Obscurity Mod



Obscure Creations was formed by Falcar and Snakelet after the success of  Obscurity mod, a Call of Duty 4 total conversion modification. We are passionate gamers, therefore the games we create are games we want to play. We have a perfectionist attitude when it comes to our creations, so expect to see a high level of polish when playing our games.


The original concept and inspiration was based on the classic movie, Predator. We wanted to pit a squad of marines against an alien being with advanced technologies that was capable of being a one man army.

In v1, the Obscurity were seen as a cloudy puff of smoke, that emitted a static sound when moving. They could freeze position mid-jump and had a rifle that could switch positions with the target. There was also plenty of gore and locational damage, along with night maps. This provided the foundations for the mod, which we have since expanded into a full blown total conversion of the multiplayer componant of COD4.

Obscurity v2 was made because we believed we could create a much better version of the mod. Obscurity v2 provides a completely new way of playing COD4 online, and we have added various unique features that you will not see in any other COD4 modifications.


MTX was our take on a Matrix modification. It allows players to perform special feats such as dodge bullets, freeze bullets midflight, kick off walls for extra height and see bullet trails as they whiz by your face. It was a short-lived project due to the stability of the timescale feature within the engine.


We love our hardcore gaming experiences, which is how HitLoc came about. The main focus on the mod is to provide a more realistic approach to damage by implementing a locational damage system, visual enhancements, new features and perks, new gametypes, and dynamic features such as progressive day/night cycles and weather changes.

But please don’t think that because it is a realistic hardcore experience that there will be no entertainment and humour to be had for the more casual gamers. We aim to provide features that will be enjoyable by both the hardcore and casual COD gamers.


Currently, we have moved on from actively modding COD4. To check out our more recent projects please visit Obscure Creations or our Facebook page.