Snakelet: Added Asskickerz Obs server for AU players to get their Obs on ;)
Snakelet: Use the free spectate cam and concentrate on your surroundings ;)
Singed420: it's been 30 mins specting and still nothing, may i have another hint? xD
Snakelet: I'll just say that you will have to be really observant whilst you are spectating & can be done solo
Snakelet: Yeah it should be. But, dont get too hyped it isn't anything too special :P
Singed420: Hello, is the easter egg you mentioned in 2012 still accessible? would be nice to know lol
Snakelet: Yeah Falcar and I had a few rounds. Was about 6 people or so.
Kenai: From the 300+ ping xD
Kenai: Oh wow, That really was you I was facing on the Obscurity server? Should've known-
Snakelet: Just had a few fun rounds of Obscurity on IceOps server. Good times! Thanks for still running it :D
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