Obscurity Mod



Obscurity allows players to either play as a marine, with the odds pitted against them, or play as an Obscurity, a creature created to hunt down and destroy its prey.

Some features unique to Obscurity include:

  • Locational Knife Damage
  • Directional HUD Blood Spatter
  • Burning Players with Directional Flame
  • Day/Night Progressive Cycles
  • Unique Gameplay & Gamemodes
  • Unique Obscurity Weapons
  • All New Perks & Perk 4 Category
  • Enhanced/Balanced Marine Weaponry
  • Enhanced Sounds of Battle
  • Obscurity Taunts
  • Fully Implemented Squad Creation Feature
  • Fully functional Pyro & Flamethrower in VIP
  • No HUD



Elimination is round based and pits a small group of obscurity against a group of marines (Server setting, usually 1/3 ratio). The objective is to wipe out the other team, and without any spawns this can prove difficult. One single and cunning obscurity can wipe out the whole team if the marines do not play smart, and if they do it will still be difficult. Once everybody from one team is dead, a new group of obscurity are picked at random from the players who were marines previously and the next round begins. Once the round limit is reached, it’s time for the next map.


Headquarters is similar to the stock version, with a few small changes. The obscurity are randomly picked every 5 minutes during gameplay. Marines score points while the HQ is captured, and the obscurity score points whilst it is not captured. This gametype is usually pretty full on and hectic, with marines dropping left, right and centre. Work together though and you shouldn’t have much trouble capturing those points. A great mode for Hustle and medic perks.


Armoury is similar to HQ, in that the marines must capture the armoury. The twist is that marines only start with a pistol, but can end with a horde of 10 main weapons and grenades. Everytime an armoury is captured, the marines are randomly given a weapon and a grenade, which they can stack up to acquire a nice assortment of weaponry. You lose your weapons when you are killed, but it is good to keep in mind that you can pick up weapons from your downed teammates. This mode is kill based, so it is important for obscurity players to do their best to keep the marines away from the armouries, and stuck with their pistols.


The name pretty much says it all. One player on the marine team spawns as a pyro-suited, flamethrower wielding VIP. He has many incendiary grenades which he is immune to, and a flamethrower that is good for burning flesh. The only catch is, he must survive the time limit. Once he dies the marines lose, so it is in their best interest to keep the obscurity players away from him. Taking the VIP down is not an easy task though. As an obscurity it is best to go for the wounding stabs on the VIP such as gutting, crippling and throat slashing. He will take a number of stabs to drop, and can ignite an obscurity on fire fairly quickly, making it an easy target. This does not mean you should avoid taking out the marines, as they will be sure to medic VIP as soon as they can to get him up and running again. This is possibly the most hectic mode, but very rewarding to watch a pyro battle with the all new flamethrower.


It’s-a-meeee-obscuriteeee! We needed to inject some humour into the mod, so Mario mode was created. The gist of it is based on the elimination gametype, but has some big changes. Obscurity players must leap onto a marines head to kill him, whilst the marines can only stab to kill an obscurity. Marines camping under a roof or something low can result in them slowly dying, encouraging them to move about once more in areas where the obscurity has a chance to land on them. This mode is very funny and has enhanced sound effects exclusive to the gametype. A recommended map for this gametype is Countdown. Now go kill those Goombas!