Snakelet: No worries. Added it. Let me know if any the info needs editing ;)
Forg1ven: Thanks anyways.
Forg1ven: A new server is up, can you post it? or nay?
Snakelet: purged*
Snakelet: Purge some scum that infested the site. Sorry about that ;)
Snakelet: Added a couple of Obs servers I found on GT. US and France. Updated IceOps details. Enjoy!
Snakelet: Always pondering Dune44 ;)
Phoenix: give it some time, and I think they will snake.
Dune44: I just heard of the Remaster of COD4, I came straight here! IF They do it right, are you pondering?
Snakelet: Oh, and allowing people to purchase the remake separately :P
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